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‘The Perfect Gift is PERFECT for classroom read alouds!’ – Just Imagine

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Huge thank you to Suzanne Horton over at Just Imagine for this wonderful review of The Perfect Gift! Suzanne is one of two directors of Learning, Teaching and Quality at the University of Worcester! Check out her review in full here!


The Perfect Gift

Authored by Alan Durrant
Illustrated by Marjan Vafaeian
Published by Tiny Owl

Another gem from Tiny Owl publishers, The Perfect Gift is a story of kindness, friendship and sharing as Rabbit tries to find the perfect gift for the Queen’s new-born baby.

The reader meets Rabbit and her friends as they pass by her house on the way to a party at the palace to celebrate the arrival of a royal baby. Each of her friends have something to offer the baby but, despite searching her house, she is unable to find anything she feels is good enough. As night draws in, Rabbit realises that she has to go to the party empty handed and uses her little lamp to light the way. When she arrives at the palace, she wonders whether she is too late as the palace is in darkness!

The beautiful illustrations in this book complement the message that pours from the pages – friendship and a kind heart are more important than material possessions. At a time when families may be facing economic challenge, this book provides a useful starting point for discussions with children about the wider concept of ‘gifts’. What gifts might they offer someone? What is generosity? What do we mean by ‘perfect’? On each step of the journey, we notice Rabbit’s emotions and Marjan Vafaeian’s detailed and colourful illustrations reinforce how she is feeling, providing opportunities to explore character on every page. For Early Years and Key Stage One, this book would be a definite read aloud in the classroom as well as a cosy home read!


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