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The Perfect Gift is a thoughtful book for the run up to Christmas!

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Blogger Anne Thompson has put together some recent new picture books that she has enjoyed, including our Nativity tale, The Perfect Gift! Find out what she had to say here!


The Perfect Gift by Alan Durant and Marian Vafaeian (Tiny Owl)

This gentle story of kindness and friendship introduces young children to the idea of generosity through friendship, hospitality and kindness. Rabbit is kindhearted and caring and loved by all the other animals. When the queen has a baby all the animals are off to celebrate the new arrival at the party but poor Rabbit can’t find a gift that is quite right for the occasion. Several of her friends offer to hare their presents but Rabbit persists in her quest for something just right. Eventually she has to go empty handed but on her arrival at the party she discovers that she had the perfect gift all along.

The subtle illustrations combine well with the kind and thoughtful text and the overall look of the book is one of comfort and light. The story would be excellent for prompting discussion about the relative value of ‘gifts’ and that sometimes the important things are not ‘things’ at all but the offering of friendship and care. This would be a thoughtful book to share in the run up to Christmas for that reason.

  • Activity: Navigate through the maze and help Rabbit reach her party!
  • Read more: It’s finally here! Happy publication day to The Perfect Gift!
  • Watch now: Waahoo! The trailer for The Perfect Gift is here!


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