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A wonderful review of The Orange House by Read It Daddy:



Our second review of Tiny Owl’s fantastic new book range is truly original. Stay a while at “The Orange House“…
Nahid Kazemi’s “The Orange House” is a rather lovely little tale of friendship and rallying round to protect the vulnerable. It just so happens that the main character in the story is a house. The Orange House may be old and a bit shabby but it’s comfortable and warm.

When the bulldozers move in and threaten to demolish the house, she finds some unlikely allies who cluster together to protect her from the threat of the diggers and wrecking balls.

The subtle moral of the tale isn’t lost on children, who will love the metaphors in this story – that true friends help each other and can overcome any threat or obstacle if they put their minds (or their bricks and mortar) to it.

We’re thoroughly impressed with Tiny Owl’s new releases, watch out for more soon!

An extract from The Orange House
An extract from The Orange House

Charlotte’s favourite bit: All the buildings cluster together to protect the little old Orange House, and win the day!

Daddy’s favourite bit: You can’t say you’ll often encounter a story where the main character is a lovely old building – this book is beautifully presented with simple illustrations and a heartwarming tale of friendship and looking after each other.

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