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The New Baby and Me!

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Read a wonderful review of The New Baby and Me! by Read it Daddy:

Here’s a glorious little book that readies brothers and sisters for the imminent arrival of a new baby in fine style…

“The New Baby and Me” by Christine Kidney and Hoda Haddadi is a seriously beautiful little book.

Brothers and Sisters wonder exactly what their new baby brother will be like.

Each thinks it may be a lot like them – a daydreamer, a pirate perhaps, an artist maybe?

Super-clever at maths, good at cooking? It’s such fun to try and guess – but when the new baby comes along, there’s a huge surprise for everyone (which we won’t spoil for you, of course!)

We love the characters in this book, the huge build up and their expectations and of course the ‘big reveal’ and how the story continues after it is just as much fun as the preamble.

This brother dreams of a painting partner

Perfect for children who are waiting to find out just who’s inside the big bump in mummy’s tummy. Beautifully written and gorgeously illustrated with superb felt and collage art, this is really eye catching and wonderful.

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