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The New Baby and Me!

Just like the five brothers in The New Baby and Me, we can’t wait for the paperback version of this lovely book to arrive. Good news, it will be here soon!

The New Baby and Me tells the tale of five brothers who are eagerly awaiting the birth of their new baby sibling. They all differ on what they think the new baby will be like. Will he be a pirate, an explorer, a scientist or a dreamer? The one thing they do agree on is that he will be just like them. But, when the new baby arrives they are in for a surprise.

This charming book is perfect for families with a little one on the way. It can be used to open discussions about new arrivals, as well as teaching a very important lesson about the importance of individuality and letting people be themselves. Illustrated with gorgeous collage-style artwork from Iranian illustrator Hoda Haddadi, which complements a heart-warming story from Christine Kidney, this is a book that the whole family will love.

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