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The little girl in Bloom is an incredible role model!

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The little girl maintains her caring behaviour throughout!

We’re delighted with this wonderful review of Bloom from Sam Thomas! Read what she had to say below.

This delightful book, published by Tiny Owl in June 2020, tells of how a little girl talks to a stunning flower she sees on her way to school each day, telling it how lovely it is and how much she loves it. When the owner sees her one morning he shouts at her to stay away, scaring her away. At the same time, the flower curls up its petals and stops blooming, concerning the old man to who it belongs, and having him trying lots of things to try to encourage the flower to bloom again. Throughout all of this the man is grumpy, rude, and airs nothing but self importance, consequently the flower will not bloom.

Only when the old man is shown that he needs to show appreciation, care, and be considerate to others do things change, and the old man is shown the error of his ways by the young girl he shouted at. It is refreshing to see an older character being advised and educated by that of one much younger because children are such quick learners. When the old man changes and becomes sociable and kind this book not only provides a happy ending for younger readers, but it also gives an conclusion to the potential there is when your behaviour and actions are positive, and the girl maintaining her kind and caring behaviour irrespective of facing an opposing force and being scared away fills the reader with hope, and makes the girl in this book an incredible role model for this books audience.

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