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The Little Black Fish is a powerful story!

Oxford Brookes student Ellie Labbett loved The Little Black Fish! She had some fascinating insights into the underlying themes behind this seemingly simple tale. She wrote a wonderful review on Goodreads. Read it below!

A story about breaking free and thinking differently to those around you. The Little Black Fish wishes to see sights beyond the constraints of the stream, and dares to contemplate a life that goes further the what has always been known. Met with horror and anger, the Little Black Fish is ostracised and must go alone, venturing into the dangers and rewards that await.
Written during pre-revolutionary Iran, this is a very powerful story with strong political themes of rebelling against societal norms and daring to explore concepts commonly thought to be threatening. Such themes are deeply universal and offer so much for thought and debate. I would be particularly interested in exploring the impact of groups that all think in the same way, alongside the difficulties and awards that may come from trying to make a change. An extremely versatile book that becomes all the more meaningful when understanding the context in which it was written. I would love to compare responses to the text before and after opening eyes to the difficult time of publication.

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