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A fearless tale of daring to be different

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The Little Black Fish is brimming with hope!

We’re absolutely delighted that The Little Black Fish has been added to the wonderful International Youth Literature Collection! The International Youth Literature Collection, established in 2019, is a representative collection of children’s and young adult books, both translated and in their original language, that celebrate writing, visual style and design from outside of this country.

The Little Black Fish is a fearless Iranian tale of questioning norms and daring to be different.

Little Black Fish may be small, but he has big questions and the determination to find answers. Whilst his fellow fish are too scared to do anything different from their set routine, Little Black Fish swims over the edge of the pool, into the stream and river. He meets wonders and adventures, dangers and beauty. He makes it all the way to the sea, and finds his answers. Even though he doesn’t survive to tell his own story, here it is being told to another generation, and the inspiration of it is passed on.

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