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Very pleased that The Little Black Fish was selected as one of a few children’s books of the year in 2015 by The BIG ISSUE. This is what they wrote about it:


The Little Black Fish
The Little Black Fish

The Little Black Fish
Samad Behrangi, illustrated Farshid Mesghali

Tiny Owl books is a relatively new publisher set up by Iranian husband and wife team Karim and Delaram, with a primary aim to bring stories from their homeland to young audiences still learning about the world. This tale of a curious, bold, rebellious little fish keen to explore beyond the pond he’s grown up in, and to meet different kinds of creatures, is easily read as a powerful allegory from a searching soul in an oppressive regime – and it was banned in pre-revolution Iran when it was first published there in 1968. But it also works as a fine tale of derring-do – a poetically worded page-turner for kids – and this edition is beautifully illustrated by Farshid Mesghali.


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The Little Black Fish
An extract from The Little Black Fish


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