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Just in time for Christmas shopping…

At long last, The Lion Tattoo is available to order! Our first picture book for ages 16+ is a fresh, modern and hilarious take on a fable by Rumi – the third in our series of tales from the 13th-century Persian storyteller. With its luxurious cloth cover, gold foil lettering and small format, it makes a perfect gift book, ideal for Christmas.

This retelling introduces the work of a talented new Iranian illustrator, Atefeh Maleki Joo. Her bright and quirky illustrations place the ancient tale in the setting of a modern-day tattoo parlour, helping to enhance the timeless nature of the story.

One day a young man decides that he wants a lion tattoo. But as the tattooist begins her work, the young man feels the pain of the needle and decides that his lion doesn’t need a tail…or a stomach…or a mane! Based on a tale by Rumi, this humorous yet philosophical picture book for adult readers is guaranteed to make you think as well as laugh.

So awaken your inner child and enjoy this picture book with its beautiful artwork and its fun!


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