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Generosity, sharing, and kindness are at the heart of Quill Soup!

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We love this wonderful review of Quill Soup from bookstagrammer Little Library Owl! Have a look!

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• Quill Soup • Alan Durant • illustrated by Dale Blankenaar @daleblankenaar • Tiny Owl Publishing @tiny_owl_publishing • A journeying porcupine, Noko, is very hungry when he arrives at a village. He asks the other animals for food and shelter, but he is met with closed doors and unkindness – they say that they have nothing to spare (despite clearly having very full tummies!). Noko begins to make his special recipe of quill soup, which is so tasty that even the king likes it, and requires various ingredients that the other animals all willingly provide. He then generously shares the delicious soup with everyone, and the animals end up happily sharing stories and dancing in the moonlight. This African version of a European folk story (Stone Soup) is a beautifully illustrated tale of generosity, sharing, and kindness, with the important message that we can all benefit if we share our resources and work together as a community.

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