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The Clever Mouse

Read a wonderful review of The Clever Mouse by Laura Davies for Outside in World:


The Clever Mouse
Author: Anahita Teymorian
Illustrator: Anahita Teymorian
Translator: Azita Rassi
ISBN: 9781910328019

Reading age: Under 5’s and 6 – 8 (and 9 – 11 as a stimulus for philosophical enquiry)


This is a story about a mouse called Mr Koochi who thinks that he knows just what he wants and how to get it. He wants a house, and builds himself a home; he wants some food, so plants himself some wheat and makes bread; finally, he decides he wants a wife – and dreams of what it would be like to marry the Mouse King’s daughter. The reader joins Mr Koochi as he journeys to the palace and seeks the hand of the Mouse princess.

The Clever Mouse

This story deftly teaches the importance of respecting others and the value of true love and friendship – that true beauty comes from the way we treat others, not the way we look. There is much for children to engage with, the characterful illustrations paired with the story are a perfect accompaniment and readers will enjoy following the adventures of this little mouse. This story feels very familiar, and is much like a traditional fable with a clear moral message that will prompt lots of further discussion about treating others as you would yourself wish to be treated. Though there is quite a lot of text, it would be a good book for whole-class reading to support less confident readers.


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