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As we launch our Christmas Bundles, we were very pleased to receive this blog post, submitted to us from a happy customer:


“Anyone with a birthday around the Christmas period knows too well the standard of gifts they receive aren’t always the most thoughtful. Those unfortunate enough to be born late November or December can find themselves unwrapping festive gift sets and generic presents geared towards celebrating Jesus’ day of birth rather than their own.

This year, for my young niece’s 2nd birthday I decided to plan ahead; put a little thought into what I wrap up for her. I wanted to give her something that would stay with her for years; not just a disposable toy that she would tire of within days. I wanted something that would one day become a treasured item and a reminder to her early years. I decided there was no better choice than books.

The stories we read as children stay with us as adults. We can all recall our favourite book growing up and most of us will still have a battered, worn out copy of it.

I stumbled across Tiny Owl Publishing whilst Googling for unique children’s books – they were perfect. I needed something gorgeously presented, durable, a bit different, and also, a book that would interest and impress the parents too. As soon as I browsed Tiny Owl’s book store, I knew I had found somewhere that met all my requirements.


Browsing through their Christmas Bundles inspired me to make my own collection for my niece’s birthday9781910328071. I opted for The Clephoto 2ver Mouse; a beautiful tale of love and acceptance that I’m sure she’ll enjoy being read to her at bedtime, The Little Black Fish; a revolutionary tale that will wait on her book shelf a little while until she’s ready to experience the legendary story and When I Coloured in The World; a book that I hope will inspire her artistic side and get creative as I’ve seen other young readers have done in reviews.

As I wrap these high quality books with love, I truly hope these stories will stay in my family for years to come. I hope that they will be passed down to other generations. After all, it’s a far better gift than the latest loud, headache inducing toy.”


You can order the books from here.

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