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The Flute encourages very small children to explore musical instruments!

Gwyneth Williamson for Books for Keeps has written a fab review of The Flute!

‘This is the flute. It sounds like yellow. Easy and mellow.’ This book is a celebration of blowing… all over the world. The second in the series from Tiny Owl’s Children, Music, Life, it follows The Drum, nominated for the Kate Greenaway Medal 2019. With its vibrant, glowing colours and bouncy, rhythmic text, it is just right for sharing with very small people. The youngest of children respond to music, and this book will encourage adults to read and explore different instruments with the very small. The brilliant colours depicting such a wide variety of plants and small beasts will intrigue and delight. A flute of some description appears on every page, blown by multi-cultural children, ‘… bright like the sun, it whispers sweet secrets. Floating like a butterfly…’ The penultimate page reads ‘The flute is poetry,’ and is covered in brilliantly coloured creatures and plants to hunt and name. Then comes the final page; Play your flute! Inspiration can start with the very young.

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