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Can you recall Édith Piaf’s world-famous songs?

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Édith was nicknamed ‘Piaf’, the French word for sparrow!

The sassy and stylish Paris Cat meets some very influential people as she makes her way through Paris!

Along with Josephine Baker, Paris Cat even rubs shoulders with French singer and actress Édith Piaf!

Édith Piaf was born on December 19th, 1915 in Paris, France. She began singing in public when she was 14 and used her talent to earn money. Born Édith Gassion, she was nicknamed ‘Piaf’ in her 20s. A word for sparrow, ‘Piaf’ was chosen due to her small stature, she stood at 4ft 8in!

Piaf’s songs are celebrated all over the world!

Édith became the most popular entertainer in France! She began touring worldwide after World War II, earning her international recognition. She wrote her most well-known song, ‘La Vie en rose’ in 1945.

Known for songs like ‘La Vie en rose’ and ‘Non, je ne regrette rien’, Édith’s take on the chanson, a type of French ballad, lead to her rise in popularity. She wrote songs about love and loss, evoking strong feelings from her fans.

Édith Piaf died on October 10, 1963. She has been immortalised in popular culture through film and music. Her songs continue to be remembered, celebrated and played all over the world. In Paris, there is a museum dedicated to her life, the Musée Édith Piaf.



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