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The wonderful English Association have shared this brilliant review of Fair Shares! Read what Sue Barrett had to say.

There can’t be many school days which pass without a child saying, “It’s not fair!” Of course, what they want is for everyone to be treated in exactly the same way, which isn’t always the fairest thing to do – as this book illustrates so beautifully. Neither Hare nor Bear can reach the juicy pears in the tall tree and, without access to steps or stairs, Hare suggests using the three chairs he is able to find (we shall pass over the health and safety issues here, or perhaps discuss them!). Bear isn’t happy at having only one chair, even though it enables him to reach the pears. It takes a passing beetle to explain that 2:1 in this case is the fairest solution. All is now well, as they gorge on the fruit, only to find that Beetle prefers something else to pears… hilarious ending! Primary colourful illustrations with delightful character expressions add to the appeal of this book and even from this review, it is possible to see how useful this is to illustrate the air/ear phoneme. Reception and Y1 will really enjoy this in shared reading sessions.

Sue Barrett

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