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The Drum is like a song poem!

It makes us so happy to see children really engaging with their reading! A ten year old reader shared their thoughts on The Drum on Toppsta! Read it below!

I was drawn to read this book because of the illustrations and big letters that would also attract little ones to come and read it. It’s like a song poem that flows through the whole book.  I loved the scintillating  illustrations of the animals when they all burst out of the drum and it says “the drum is life”. If I were like one of the dancers or the person playing the drum, I would feel happy in the positive way that it looks like I’m having a wonderful time. The blurb on the back really sums up the book. I would recommend this book to younger children, perhaps our children in reception who would enjoy making up a dance to go with the poem!

  • Carnegie and Kate Greenaway chooses Cinderella of the Nile and The Drum to promote diversity!
  • Watch author Ken Wilson-Max read The Drum!
  • The music series is designed to get children moving and thinking. An interviewwith author Ken Wilson-Max

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