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Read a wonderful review of The Drum by John Newman, written for The School Librarian, the journal of The School Library Association. They recommend the book for children aged 8 years and younger.

Photo by author Ken Wilson-Max

Tiny Owl is a developing independent company who began their publishing life bringing to our attention a beautiful range of picture books by Iranian authors and illustrators. They have gone on to widen their list in an exciting and important way by commissioning books which celebrate diversity and promote intercultural exchanges by bringing together authors and illustrators from different parts of the world with shared perspectives.

The Drum is the first in a new series which aims to promote the power of music and its importance in the lives of babies and young children. It matches the words of an author who was raised in Zimbabwe with a Swiss illustrator to good effect. The illustrations are bright and vibrant and full of movement, and the words are simple but effective, exhorting everyone to move around to the beat of the drum. It might have been useful to have included some links to appropriate drumming music from around the globe in order to promote the concept of sharing cultural experience.

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