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The Drum is great fun for all to share! Photo credit: Jill Bennett

We are so happy to see The Drum reviewed in Research Rich PedagogiesTop Texts for September! Ken Wilson-Max’s picture book lets babies and up experience the joy of rhythm and music. It is the first book in our Children. Music. Life. series, which explores musical instruments from around the world. Read the fantastic review below!

As soon as we see the front cover of The Drum, there is no doubt about what we are in for. Blue skies, dancers and confetti-like shapes representing the beating of a drum all make the reader prepared for the joyousness between the pages of this little book. It is a book that makes you want to start a carnival; full of exuberant colour, noise and movement. The words are few but their feeling is deep as we are told to dance, to clap, to stomp and to lose ourselves in the beat of the drum. So simple, but such a powerful celebration for all to share. The Drum is ideal for very young children but great fun for all ages – including adults.

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