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It’s always wonderful to read BookTrust reviews of our books! They’ve written a brilliant review of Grobblechops by award-winning author Elizabeth Laird!

Read the BookTrust review below!


Amir doesn’t want to go to bed. He is scared of the dark and afraid there might be a monster under his bed; a monster called Grobblechops who has huge teeth and growls like a tiger.

Dad reassures Amir that if he growls louder, the monster will go away – but Amir can’t help catastrophising and worrying that Grobblechops’s mum and dad will join in the fight and eat him up. Luckily, Amir’s dad is a bit of an expert when it comes to monsters, and can rationalise and defuse all his son’s anxiety to the point where Grobblechops becomes a friend rather than a threat.

Stunning, collage-style illustrations reflect the quelling of Amir’s fears as Grobblechops and his parents subtly mutate from frightening to friendly.

A “monster-under-the-bed” story never fails to engage and entertain young children and this contemporary retelling, based on a classic tale by the poet Rumi, breathes new life into the genre for the next generation.

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