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A short report of having a display table for our books at IBBY conference.


By: Delaram Ghanimifard, Co-founder at Tiny Owl Publishing


I spent Saturday at the beautiful Roehampton Froebel campus, where IBBY annual conference was held. Although I arrived a bit late and missed parts of the conference, it was a pleasure meeting all the picture book enthusiast people at once in the same place!


We all shared the belief in the power of picture books. The day was packed with interesting programmes about creativity and imagination. Laura Carlin said “Great illustration shouldn’t answer all the questions”. Sita Brahmachari suggested that we use the term “books without borders” instead of wordless picture books. And there was an inspiring talk about engaging children with philosophy through books.


Marjan Vafaian, illustrator of Bijan & Manije and The Parrot and the Merchant
Marjan Vafaian, illustrator of Bijan & Manije and The Parrot and the Merchant

At the Tiny Owl table, I met Piet Grobler. In a previous email exchange I had learned that he knew Marjan Vafaian, the illustrator of The Parrot and the Merchant and Bijan & Manije. He had’t seen the books yet (and other Tiny Owl titles), so it was a good chance to have a look. I heard lots of encouraging words from Judith Philo, and Anne Harding.


I can never even describe the kindness and support of IBBY people. Ferelith Hordon, Clive Barnes, and Special thanks to Pam Dix the head of IBBY UK.


The end of the day was marked by a delicious cake for celebration of 40th birthday of Andersen Press. Congrats to Klaus Flugge on the most inspiring Andersen Press anniversary.


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