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Elements of visual representation includes consideration of diversity 

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Eshan’s palette works to establish mood

In their latest feature in Books for Keeps, Darren Chetty and Karen Sands-O’Connor examine the representation of black, Asian and minority ethnic voices in children’s books nominated for the Kate Greenaway Medal, including Ehsan Abdollahi’s emotive illustrations in The Secret of the Tattered Shoes, and Reza Dalvand’s highly intricate illustrations in Under the Great Plum Tree.

We highly recommend reading the entire article here, but here’s a brilliant little snippet…

‘Iranian-born Ehsan Abdollahi’s illustrations for Jackie Morris’s retelling of The Twelve Dancing Princesses, The Secret of the Tattered Shoes (Tiny Owl), include multiracial princesses who are portrayed in shades of grey during night-time scenes. The colour palette works ‘to establish mood and convey emotion’ (Medal Criteria) by depicting the time of day, but also the darkness of the princesses who are unconcerned about the deaths that result from their secret.

Reza’s illustrations are inspired by Indo-Persian traditions

Reza Dalvand’s illustrations for Sufiya Ahmed’s Under the Great Plum Tree (Tiny Owl), a story from the Panchatantra, use similarly stylized and graphic elements ‘inspired by Indo-Persian traditions’ (Under the Great Plum Tree)—but his colour palette is brighter and he makes more use of white space than Mistry.’






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