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Read a wonderful review of The Orange House by Jane Doonan for School Library Association(SLA):


The Orange House
The Orange House

Kazemi, Nahid (translated by Azita Rassi)The Orange House. Tiny Owl, 2016, pp24, £12.99. 978 1 910328 11 8             

There is much to be discussed and enjoyed in this handsome picture book about change and becoming reconciled to it.  Another theme promotes being open to others, and offering and accepting friendship.  The orange house is the only original house left in what is now an alley of newly built houses.  She feels threatened by all the differences between herself and them.  In turn, the new houses are mystified as to why the orange house never speaks to them. Then the demolition gang arrives. The new houses remember the garden of the orange house with its trees and noisy birds, and how it brings breathing space to everybody. They decide to save the orange house by blocking her from the gang’s sight.  Old and new, the buildings will be friends and provide a pleasing environment for all to enjoy.  The art style, in full colour collage and pencil is beautiful indeed, apparently simple but actually highly skillful and imaginative.  Kazemi’s images of trees bend to the winds of change from the title page onward.  Collage scraps of fabric portray personified houses which are thoroughly un-stereotypical and visually intriguing, being shown in plan and elevation simultaneously.

Jane Doonan


An extract from The Orange House
An extract from The Orange House

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