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An illustration from When I Coloured in the World

A phenomenal number of submissions to Hope in a Scary World was amazing!


We just wanted to take a moment to thank everyone who responded to our call for submissions on the theme of finding hope in a scary world. We received a phenomenal number of submissions, every one of which is being read (which is why it’s all been quiet about them for a little while).

Responses to our call totalled over 300, including from some very well-known authors and illustrators, with a huge range of interpretations of the theme. It was particularly wonderful to receive so many submissions from all round the world: apart from the UK and US, we had submissions from many European and Asian countries, including Iran, India, Japan and China.

Our reading process for submissions goes through several stages before we decide which ones we might be able to turn into books. Firstly, our director and publisher personally read every single submission we receive. Then, if one is promising, it is passed on to our editor for a re-read – the stage we’re currently at. Once that’s done, we will all meet to discuss what will happen next. We are a small team, so with such a huge number of submissions this process will inevitably take a while – we’d like to thank you for your patience! For the same reason, we are unable to give feedback on unsuccessful submissions. If you have not heard from us by February 2018, unfortunately your submission has definitely been rejected.

So thank you once again for all your submissions, and we hope to bring you more news soon!

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