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Anne the The Elephant’s Umbrella!

Our lovely picture book The Elephant’s Umbrella is out in paperback this week! It tells the story of a sweet jungle elephant who always shares his beautiful umbrella with his friends. But when the umbrella blows away, how will it find its way back to him? Written by Laleh Jaffari and illustrated by Ali Khodai, this charming tale also has a powerful message!


Here are ten reasons to read this lovely book today!

1.The story is beautifully simple — even very young children will be able to understand it!

2. It has a heartwarming message about the value of empathy and generosity. It shows us the big difference that small acts of kindness can make!

3. Ali Khodai’s unique artwork makes it a pleasure to read this book again and again.

4. On a rainy day, it will fill your world with colour!

5. Children will fall in love with the story’s charming jungle animals.

6. It makes the perfect bedtime story!

7. It’s perfect for reading out loud — children will love to hear the animals spoken in different voices.

8. It reminds us that all kinds of animals — and people — can be friends despite being different.

9. The story shows us how being kind can bring us happiness.

10. It’s fun!

With all these reasons to love it, who could resist this beautiful book? Pick up your copy of The Elephant’s Umbrella today!

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