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Donate Tiny Owl books to Doorstep Library!

Teachers! What about putting a spare change donations jar in the classroom?

Primary school teacher, Catherine Harney

Last week, we were thrilled when a teacher got in touch with one of the team to let us know about her fantastic idea to support our donations campaign! Catherine Harney – a wonderful teacher from a primary school in Holborn – told us she’d been looking for ways her class could give something back to the community over the holiday season. Having come across our Christmas donations campaign in aid of Doorstep Library on Twitter, she thought it was perfect to promote reading for pleasure!

Over the next couple of weeks, she’s going to encourage her class to bring in some of their pocket money to put into their ‘Christmas Jar’ and watch it build up! She says it’s a great way to build morale and work together as a team. By the end of next week, they’re going to count up the money and see how much you’ve raised together. She says they’re then going to have a look at our website and choose the books they would like to donate as a class. They’re going to work out how many books they can buy with the amount they have raised. It could even be a chance to practice those problem-solving skills!

A little gift for your class 

Here’s an opportunity for little readers to spread the joy and magic of reading with other children! We think this is a great way for our teacher friends to get involved with our campaign, and that’s why we’re sharing Catherine’s idea. Why don’t your class follow in their footsteps? If your class manage to donate five or more books, we will send you a book for your class to enjoy, as a thank you!

Now is the perfect time!

December is always a busy month as the holidays get closer, so now is the perfect time for raising awareness and allowing children to recognise the importance of giving to those in need. Children can easily get caught up in what they would like to receive for Christmas, but it’s important to highlight that the holiday season is also about giving back. While other literacy charities get books into homes, Doorstep Library’s unique home-based service means they are there in person, finding the most appropriate books for every child they visit, and building a relationship with the whole family. Get your class involved with this wonderful campaign!

You can find out more about the donations campaign here!

We look forward to hearing all about your efforts!

Let us know on social media using the hashtag #DonateTinyOwlBooks

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