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Donate Tiny Owl Books to Doorstep Library

Share the magic of reading this season!

You might have heard the shocking statistic from the charity National Literacy Trust, published earlier this week, that more than 380,000 children in the UK do not have a book of their own. The findings suggest that this is likely to have a knock-on effect on a whole generation of reader’s skills, enjoyment and wellbeing. This time last year Cressida Cowell, now the Children’s Laureate, highlighted how important it was that our children learn to enjoy reading, rather than merely learn to read. As these statistics show, thousands of children are missing out on the magic of reading. That’s why charities like Doorstep Library are so vital.

With hundreds of libraries across the country being forced to close due to spending cuts, access to books is increasingly more difficult for families. While other literacy charities get books into homes; Doorstep Library’s unique home-based service means they are there in person, finding the most appropriate books for every child they visit, and building a relationship with the whole family. Their projects not only improve literacy and confidence in children, but they increase family wellbeing and bonding through the joy of sharing stories. This kind of tailored support enables them to help prepare children for school and broaden their opportunities in life. The charity’s volunteers work with over 500 families in mixed communities, and each of them are taking that small step to make a big difference.

Charities like Doorstep Library show us that books are more than just words on a page, they can help build relationships, develop skills and allow children to let their imaginations run wild!  You can help Doorstep Library diversify their book stock by donating a Tiny Owl book today! Share the magic of reading this festive season.

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