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blog post 1“Tahmineh’s Beautiful Bird,” a story that we are publishing soon, is about ‘chantehs’.

Now you’ll probably ask, “What is a chanteh?”

A chanteh is a handicraft woven by the Qashqai tribe in Iran. It looks like a handbag, it is hand-woven and the Qashqai carry their small belongings in it. They can both carry it around or hang it off a wall.

The women and girls of the tribe use their taste and skill in making chantehs and weave beautiful coloured patterns into them. Although the tribe use chantehs in their daily lives, in the urban communities of Iran and especially among the educated middle-class citizens chanteh has become an artistic ornament that people use for decorating their homes.

Tahmineh’s story is about the weaving of a beautiful chanteh, distinguished from all others.

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