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There are no limits with poetry!

Happy World Poetry Day! Buy Dare  Buy Thinker: My Puppy Poet and Me All around the world, people are gathering to share some of their favourite poems. World Poetry Day allows us to remember how connected we all are. Tiny Owl brings together authors and illustrators from different countries and cultures to create beautiful books for young readers. Poetry also has the potential to bring people together, from all over the world. Poetry can benefit…


Happy World Poetry Day!

By Meghan Sullivan When I recite my poems, I make music. I say the words fast or slow, high or low, I stop and I go, almost like singing, making word-music. I remember, when I was little, receiving a book of world poetry. The small volume held poems from Africa, Ireland, China and many more places. Even at that age I was astounded at how poems from all over the world expressed the same emotions…