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Chalk Eagle opens up an amazing, imaginative world

A review of Chalk Eagle by Children’s Books Ireland Buy Chalk Eagle Read the wonderful review that Children’s Books Ireland has given of the beautiful wordless picture book Chalk Eagle: Tiny Owl independent publishers state on their website that they are committed to producing beautiful, original books for children, books that are visually rich and conceptually meaningful. Chalk Eagle is a worthy addition to their collection. This is a ‘silent’ or ‘wordless’ picturebook. The central character is a little…


Book trailer for Chalk Eagle perfectly captures a child’s imagination!

Buy Chalk Eagle Watch one of our beautiful wordless picture books be brought to life with this stunning book trailer for Chalk Eagle. The gorgeous animation and dreamlike screen print illustrations by Nazli Tahvili perfectly capture the feelings of freedom and flying that are so important through the book. The animation is accompanied by the soothing guitar of her husband Amin, whose very own childhood imagination and memories inspired the wonderful story! Chalk Eagle shares…