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Tiny Owl books strive to empower girls!

Happy International Women’s Day! Visit our bookstore Here at Tiny Owl, we’ve always sought to give children favourite characters and role models that are more diverse than mainstream literature, in gender as well as culture. One of the most important and effective ways to tackle prejudice and discrimination is through representation in books. This can contribute hugely to children’s understanding of the world around them. Check out our latest titles striving to empower and challenge…


Tiny Owl books empower girls

Happy International Women’s Day! By Meghan Sullivan Happy International Women’s Day! Last week I heard a story from a family friend which made me so angry. She said that when her child was taken to hospital and she went along with the child’s dad all the questions were directed to her. When the dad tried to talk to the doctor he was ignored, and the doctor continued to focus on the mum. This story shows…