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Will and Nill remind me of my favourite cats

By Lindsey Jones* I have owned too many pets to count; among them have been goldfish I brought home from fairs, betta fish and a boatload of cats. Of all the pets I have owned, cats have been my favorite. They all have their own distinct personalities and my favorites by far have been Winston Churchill and Phoebe. Phoebe is a quiet, laid-back cat who refuses to be touched by anyone but me. She sleeps…


Books to capture the spirit of summer!

Tiny Owl’s book recommendations for the summer The school holidays are approaching, and with them (hopefully) more good weather! In these blissful weeks when children have more free time, it’s an ideal opportunity to encourage them to keep reading for pleasure. At Tiny Owl we have plenty of books that encapsulate the spirit of summer, perfect for reading outside in the sunshine! Will and Nill Two cats lazing around in the sun: an iconic image…


My kitties remind me of Will & Nill

By Lauren Sandford* Cats are funny little creatures. Some are energetic, playful and loveable, while others would much rather be left alone to sleep for hours on end, and only ever come around looking for food (the latter is DEFINITELY my fat cat, Toby). When I was growing up, I had two outdoor kitties who were also brothers; the little orange one was named Milo, and the fluffy black one we called Bubba. They loved…