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Twit Twoo! Two amazing events at JuneFest

Buy Dare Buy Caged In the latest episode of Twit Twoo, we’re looking at our two amazing events at JuneFest! As part of the amazing JuneFest children’s reading festival, we had not one but two events at Stroud Green and Harringay library! For our first event, children from a local reception class came to enjoy a reading of Dare by Lorna Gutierrez and Polly Noakes, followed by a fun workshop.  First, the children listened to…


Twit Twoo! Joining the debate on diversity

Welcome to the newest episode of our weekly video series Twit Twoo! New research by the Guardian shows that the top selling children’s books overwhelmingly exclude female and BAME characters. If you’ve been reading the news or social media this week, you’ve probably seen this fantastic article from Donna Ferguson, which tackles the shocking lack of diversity in bestselling children’s books. As a publisher of diverse and inclusive children’s books, who have been working to…