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Tiny Owl is committed to responding to the multicultural nature of British society – Czech Literacy Centre

Trends in British literature for children Visit our bookstore The Czech Literary Centre have shared a fascinating series on trends in literature for children and young adults throughout Europe. In December they included a focus on Britain, and we’re delighted that we were recognised for our commitment to publishing multicultural books, alongside brilliant fellow indie publishers Lantana and Book Island! Read a short snippet below. You can read the whole article here.   An ongoing…


There’s sunshine in Felix’s soul! – Plapibo

Felix manages to reconnect with the beauty of the world around him  Buy Felix After the Rain We’re delighted with this wonderful review of Felix After the Rain from Laura Taylor over on Global Literature in Libraries Initiative! Have a read of her review below. Grandma used to say to Felix that the sun always shines after the rain and that after every uphill climb there’s a downhill stroll. Felix is a deeply unhappy boy,…


Felix After the Rain delves into anxiety in an important way – Sharing the Shelf

Whether big or small – we all have our suitcases Buy Felix After the Rain We’re delighted with this review of Felix After the Rain from Sharing the Shelf over on Instagram! Have a look! View this post on Instagram FELIX AFTER THE RAIN by Dunja Jogan, translated by Olivia Hellewell // Felix has a suitcase. It’s a suitcase of sadness, holding in all the things that have happened to him, that have shaped his…