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Caged took my breath away! – Lesley McFarlane

How Caged can be used in a classroom Pre-order Caged  The third addition to our Wordless Picture Book series, Caged is launching at the end of August. We asked Lesley McFarlane, a teaching assistant, how she thinks that this wonderful book could be used in the classroom. Lesley is a mum to three grown up children and very proud grandmother to two grandsons. She has worked in primary schools for around twenty-five years, and her biggest passion has…


Caged is full of tiny details that add a chuckle to the story – Anna Doherty

Pre-order Caged  Brilliant illustrator Anna Doherty shares her response to the third addition to our wordless picture book series, Caged. Read her review below! In Duncan Annand’s debut picture book, pictures tell the entire story. Duncan has no need for text as he weaves the tale of two hapless top-hat-clad men attempting to construct an aviary to trap multicoloured exotic birds in. This is a silent tale of freedom, of nature winning the day, of not…


Watch a wonderful book trailer for witty wordless picture book Caged!

Pre-Order Caged  Watch a wonderful book trailer for the newest addition to our Wordless Picture Book series, Caged. A witty tale of freedom, this is Duncan Annand’s debut picture book. When a bluebird makes her nest near two eccentric gentlemen, she sees their cruel and ambitious plan to create an enormous birdcage. As she builds her nest, the men’s construction goes up, and more and more birds are trapped. Until, one day, the bluebird sees a wonderful opportunity…