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National Storytelling Week: We tell stories to know who we are

By Sophie Hallam* How wonderful to celebrate a whole week of storytelling! It’s something that unites us, binds and connects us. It’s common to every known culture and central to human existence. From songlines in Aboriginal Australia to Icelandic folk tales told in the dead of night, traditions of oral storytelling go back millennia. We tell stories to know who we are. I loved to be read to as a child. I remember at the…

The Little Black Fish

We March…We Read!

By Sophie Hallam* Love Trumps Hate! Standing in the crowd on Duke Street, with cheers of protest spreading like a Mexican wave, it was a real buzz to join thousands upon thousands of protesters at the Women’s March in Central London last Saturday. Many of us have watched in horror to see Trump take the central stage in America and it felt good to have a chance to stand as one to speak against Trump’s…


The Elephant’s Umbrella

The Elephant’s Umbrella UK only £12.99 £7.99 (hardback) PRODUCT INFO The Elephant’s Umbrella is a simple yet sophisticated tale about how generous we can be to others. When the rain comes, the elephant likes to put up his umbrella and invite his friends underneath. One day the umbrella is swept away by the wind and meets the leopard and the bear, who have very different ideas about how to use the umbrella. Will the umbrella find the…