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Make any story MINE!

By Pippa Goodhart* I’ve just had the lovely experience of doing a storytelling session at the Petfringe festival in West Sussex.  I was sharing two Tiny Owl stories, The Clever Mouse and A Bottle of Happiness, with a small group of children, and their intent faces as they listened were a joy.  Because they were reacting so much to the stories events and emotions, it encouraged me to ‘up’ the expressiveness with which I read,…


A familiar story with a twist in the tail

The Clever Mouse Author/illustrator: Anahita Taymorian Age: 4+ Key stage: 1   The Clever Mouse is available in paperback! This mousy love story with a heartwarming twist in the tail was praised by Outside in World for showing readers ‘the importance of respecting others and the value of true love and friendship’. I’m sure we can all see a bit of ourselves in Mr. Koochi the mouse – perhaps more than we’d like to admit!…

The Little Black Fish

Mark your calendar: 14 – 15 August, Edinburgh International Book Festival!

Edinburgh International Book Festival: something for everyone!   As the world’s largest celebration of writing, the Edinburgh International Book Festival is guaranteed to have something for book lovers of all ages. Running from 12 – 28 August, it promises to be a packed programme featuring over 800 writers and thinkers – including events by Tiny Owl! This will be the third year that Tiny Owl goes to Edinburgh: in 2015 we were there with an…


Reading is about sharing #bookgivingday

By Lauren Sandford* I love reading. I’ve always loved reading, for as long as I can remember. It is, quite frankly, a very difficult feeling to describe. Reading is an escape, a route to disappear from reality for a while between the pages of a hardback cover, tucked in the corner of the library or on your living room sofa. What about the arrival, though? Reading provides a destination, the story an exciting journey worth…


National Storytelling Week: We tell stories to know who we are

By Sophie Hallam* How wonderful to celebrate a whole week of storytelling! It’s something that unites us, binds and connects us. It’s common to every known culture and central to human existence. From songlines in Aboriginal Australia to Icelandic folk tales told in the dead of night, traditions of oral storytelling go back millennia. We tell stories to know who we are. I loved to be read to as a child. I remember at the…