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I would use Chalk Eagle in our primary school – Mrs McFarlane

A review from a Primary School Reading Leader Buy Chalk Eagle  Lesley McFarlane is a mum to three grown up children and very proud grandmother to two grandsons. She has worked in primary schools for around twenty-five years, and her biggest passion has always been to help children along the road to becoming a reader! If you want to hear more from Lesley follow her own twitter. Read her fab review of Chalk Eagle: A boy sits…


Chalk Eagle speaks all languages

A review from a secondary school teacher. Buy Chalk Eagle We believe that Chalk Eagle is a fantastic book for every single school. With its bold screen printed illustrations it empowers children to become storytellers and breaks down the barriers between us. But don’t just take our word for it; we asked a secondary school teacher of foreign languages and received a fantastic response. Our teacher recognised that wordless picture books such as Chalk Eagle could…