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Happy Mother’s Day!

By Meghan Sullivan All across the UK this Sunday a lot of us will be celebrating our mothers. Perhaps we’ll buy them some lovely flowers or cook them Sunday lunch. It’s a special day for parents and children to enjoy together. For children need their parents as much as their parents need them. They need love and support to grow. It’s also an important day because mothers are special. They’re the ones who hold us…


Tiny Owl books empower girls

Happy International Women’s Day! By Meghan Sullivan Happy International Women’s Day! Last week I heard a story from a family friend which made me so angry. She said that when her child was taken to hospital and she went along with the child’s dad all the questions were directed to her. When the dad tried to talk to the doctor he was ignored, and the doctor continued to focus on the mum. This story shows…

The Little Black Fish

A joyful day of diversity, inspiration and hope

Recently our publisher Delaram Ghanimifard visited Netley Primary School to introduce the pupils to Tiny Owl’s books and message. Find out what she got up to!   Last week I was invited to visit Netley Primary School in Euston to talk to the pupils about the story of Tiny Owl and our inclusive books. It’s an incredibly diverse school with an ongoing project about diverse books. The children are all aware of the urgent need…


Many books stay close to me because my mother read to me!

As an adopted child, I knew that I was wanted & loved because of the picture books my mum read to me. By Lindsey Jones* Ever since I was little, my mother always read to me.  As a mother should, she strived to be very close with me.  In my mind, I think she tried her hardest because I was adopted and oftentimes it is very difficult for children who are adopted to become close…


Video: discover the world of a Qashqai tribe in Tahmineh’s Beautiful Bird

Introduce your children to the diverse lifestyle of a Qashqai tribe: below you can watch the introductory video for Tahmineh’s Beautiful Bird! While minding the sheep, Tahmineh takes out her flute and plays a tune so beautiful that a bird sings with it. Tahmineh longs to keep the bird with her, but you can’t capture wildness, only the memory of it. So Tahmineh weaves a picture of her bird into a chanteh…. and then something…