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Best Test in top summer reads for 2021!

In Best Test, a group of animal friends set up a race to decide who will win a red, ripe strawberry. Will they learn to share along the way?   Buy Best Test   Yippee! Best Test is included in Books For Topics top Summer Reads for 2021! Check it out below!   @OLSMtweeters Parents, if you’re looking for some books to keep your little darlings occupied during the Summer, here are some great recommendations-…


Books to capture the spirit of summer!

Tiny Owl’s book recommendations for the summer The school holidays are approaching, and with them (hopefully) more good weather! In these blissful weeks when children have more free time, it’s an ideal opportunity to encourage them to keep reading for pleasure. At Tiny Owl we have plenty of books that encapsulate the spirit of summer, perfect for reading outside in the sunshine! Will and Nill Two cats lazing around in the sun: an iconic image…