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A review of Bijan and Manije

Buy Bijan and Manije Read a wonderful review of Bijan and Manije by Books for Keeps: This is a retelling from Shahnameh, the Book of Kings, the Persian epic collection brought together in the 10th century. In this tale a young Iranian knight, Bijan, goes into a neighbouring kingdom to deal with a herd of wild boars and is betrayed by a companion into visiting the palace of a cruel tyrant, king Afrasiab. There he falls…


Stunningly original and beautifully presented

Read a wonderful review of Bijan & Manije and A Bottle of Happiness by Read it Daddy!:   We’re always delighted to see new titles from diverse publishers Tiny Owl, who have a knack for searching out the most amazing stories in the world and whirling them up into fantastic books. We’ve been taking a look at two new titles in their Autumn catalogue, each stunningly original and beautifully presented. Starting off with Bijan and…