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Paris Cat has so much potential for learning and discovery! – Scope for Imagination

History comes to life in Paris Cat! Buy Paris Cat  We’re over the moon with this glowing review of Paris Cat from Scope for Imagination! Read the review below. 1920’s Paris and a bold, adventurous cat who believes in herself from the tip of her tail to the ends of her whiskers makes for a wonderful combination! Cat starts life as a Paris alley cat – nothing special, nothing important but she has a dream.…


Paris Cat is a book to lift the spirits! – A Library Lady

Paris Cat is crammed with joie de vivre! Buy Paris Cat  We’re delighted with this wonderful review of Paris Cat from A Library Lady! Have a read of it below. This is cheating a little as this stylish book is to be published on 9th July but I was lucky enough to receive an early free review copy from Tiny Owl Publishers. A book to lift the spirits, this is charming, entertaining and full of…


There’s so much to enjoy and learn in Paris Cat! – Dolphin Book Blog

Meet infamous dancer Josephine Baker in Paris Cat! Buy Paris Cat Check out this fantastic review of Paris Cat from Dolphin Book Blog! Have a read of Sue Martin’s review below. Ever felt that you are different from the crowd and just need to find the right place to release your dreams? Paris Cat is a sassy cat from the back alleys of Paris and she believes that she is different from all the other…