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For the students of Uvalde. When they are ready.

For the students of Uvalde. When they are ready. Buy Felix After The Rain   In the words of Mai’s Story Time, the trauma, and horror, and grief will last; these emotions and horrific tragedy that a child should never have to endure will linger~ but sometimes a story can help littles put meaning to feelings when words, and even thoughts, elude them. Mai has thoughtfully put together a collection of books that can help…


Felix After the Rain has been selected for the 2021 Read for Empathy collection!

Empathy Lab champions Felix After the Rain! Buy Felix After the Rain   We are delighted to announce that Empathy Lab have selected Felix After the Rain to be part of their 2021 Read For Empathy collection! It is an honour to be part of such an important campaign. If ever we needed more empathy in the world, it’s surely now. Empathy Day was founded in 2017 as part of our mission to inspire the rising…