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Cinderella of the Nile is richly hued and intricately detailed! – Publishers Weekly

Buy Cinderella of the Nile U.S. based publishing journal Publishers Weekly have written a fab review of Cinderella of the Nile! American fans of Tiny Owl can get your hands on it in July. Read the review below! The ancient Mediterranean slave trade drives the plot of this 2,000-year-old legend retold by Naidoo. A girl named Rhodopis (Greek for “rosy-cheeked”) is celebrated for her beauty, but pirates know that “a girl like this could be…


Publishers Weekly celebrate Tiny Owl coming to the US!

Tiny Owl books will soon be available in the US! Our publisher Delaram Ghanimifard spoke to Pamela Brill for Publishers Weekly about this exciting move and the history of Tiny Owl. Read the article below! Drawing upon a rich history of Iranian culture, while instilling a sense of tolerance and understanding in young readers, is the mission for the U.S. launch of Tiny Owl. The London-based children’s book imprint is set to enter the U.S. this…