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Five Stars for The Neighbourhood Surprise!

Five stars for The Neighbourhood Surprise!   Buy The Neighbourhood Surprise   Yippee! Read these three epics Goodreads reviews all rating The Neighbourhood Surprise 5 stars!     Watch the trailer for The Neighbourhood Surprise Download: A beautiful FREE poster! Read a review: This charming story illustrates the power of intergenerational friendships and different cultures! – Publisher Spotlight   Visit our bookstore Download book posters Limited edition prints Subscribe to Tiny Owl on YouTube!


I loved the visual character development – Goodreads Reviewer

The Neighbourhood Surprise is full of visual character development!   Buy The Neighbourhood Surprise   Reading this wonderful review of The Neighbourhood Surprise made our tummies rumble! Read for yourself what this Goodreads reviewer had to say!     Watch: Sarah Van Dongen’s DrawAlong with Edinburgh International Book Festival! Download: FREE Neighbourhood Surprise activities! Read a review: This beautiful picture book celebrates unity and inclusion – Checkemoutbooks   Visit our bookstore Download book posters Limited edition prints Subscribe to…


Kate Milner on Writing & Illustrating Sorry, Mrs Cake!

Watch our interview with writer and illustrator Kate Milner!   Buy Sorry, Mrs Cake   We recently had the pleasure of interviewing the fantastic Kate Milner, creator of Sorry, Mrs Cake! We got the scoop of hidden characters, the inspirations behind the book and even Kate’s favourite cake!   Find out more below:   Watch our ‘Fly with Tiny Owl’ series on YouTube Teaching Resources now all in one place! Buy our new book Gloria’s…