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‘Share Alive Again with your students to inspire curiosity!’

‘Share Alive Again with your students to inspire curiosity!’ Buy Alive Again   Alive Again is a poetic journey that teaches your students about the beauty of the circle of life. Read a glowing review below!   View this post on Instagram   A post shared by Kirsten ūüá¨ūüáß | Picture Books (@childrenslibrarylady) A¬†review¬†by Book Trust: A reassuring tale about the philosophical nature of language and being A¬†review¬†by Armadillo Magazine: a thought-provoking book A¬†review¬†by Patricia…


Fun Father’s Day activities!

Great bonding activities to celebrate Father’s Day! Visit our bookstore On Sunday 21st June, lots of us will be celebrating our fathers. It can be a special day for children and parents to enjoy together. Why not have a go filling out our fun All About My Dad activity sheet? Children can fill these out independently, or if they can’t write just yet, have them dictate their answers to you. There’s even space for children…


Picture books: a way for children to better understand stressful situations

How picture books can help to discuss difficult topics Buy¬†Alive Again¬†(hardback,¬†Paperback)   By Samantha Brown When one of my friends, Katie, was five years old, her dad suddenly died. Not really sure how to explain it to her young daughter, Katie‚Äôs mom turned to a picture book. This book introduced Katie to the topic of death and helped her find a way to cope with her sudden loss. Her mom shared the book with other…

The New Baby and Me

Life is very busy, but I wouldn’t have it any other way

We’ve been inviting people to share their own experience of introducing a new sibling into their family. Becca, a mother of four, sent us this heartwarming response over Facebook. Thank you Becca! Read it below:¬† Buy¬†The New Baby and Me¬† Paul and I have been married for thirteen years and we have four boys, Ernest is 10 years old, Arthur is 8, Abraham 6 and Solomon is just about to turn 3. The morning I…


Wordless books can cross borders and cultures without translation

Tiny Owl recently launched a campaign to celebrate the importance and beauty of¬†wordless¬†picture books. We wanted to investigate some intriguing questions ‚Äď why are¬†wordless¬†picture books important? Do they fill a gap that books with words can‚Äôt fill? Are their messages more universal? Do they aid literacy? Or is it just that they‚Äôre so beautiful to look at? We contacted experts in all kinds of areas of the book industry, from authors and illustrators to booksellers…