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Best Test is out now!

Being the BEST is not as simple as you’d think… Buy Best Test  Happy book birthday to Best Test, out today! From the dynamic team of Pippa Goodhart and Anna Doherty, Best Test is their exciting second instalment about celebrating our talents and what makes us unique. When Bird finds a ripe, red strawberry to peck, Frog wants it too, as well as little Shrew! They decide to organise an assault course to determine who will…


Paris Cat is out now!

Buy Paris Cat  Happy book birthday to Paris Cat, out today! This feline tale, all about reinvention and being true to yourself, is written by Dianne Hofmeyr and illustrated by Piet Grobler! A sassy cat from the back alleys of Paris believes she is quite different to the rest of the rabble. She can do anything she sets her mind to – even if others don’t think so. Leaving her cat family behind, she sets…


Bloom is out now!

Buy Bloom Happy book birthday to Bloom, out today! This touching book about the power of positivity is written by celebrated author Anne Booth, and illustrated by Robyn Wilson-Owen. There was once a beautiful flower and a little girl who loved it. She talked to it every morning on her way to school. The owner of the flower shouted at her. The next day, the flower did not open. The angry man didn’t understand. He…