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Grobblechops instils comfort at bedtime!

The illustrations are full of action, detail and emotion! Buy Grobblechops We love this wonderful review of Grobblechops from blogger Storywraps! They’ve even given it a rating of 5 hugs! Read it below. Unwrapping the Story Amir is adamant that he does not want to go to bed and he has a verbal altercation with his dad refusing to go.  Dad discovers that his small son is afraid of the dark and even worse, afraid that a…


Make your own Grobblechops mask for Halloween!

Buy Grobblechops  Download our free Grobblechops mask template and get creative this Halloween! It is very important that children are accompanied by an adult during this activity, especially when using scissors.  Step 1: After printing out your mask template, you should have four sheets. Using scissors, cut out the face template. You can trim it to fit your face, if needed. Don’t forget to cut out holes for the eyes! Step 2: Cut out the…