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Wait for the twist at the end of Fair Shares!

Fair Shares is an explosion of colour! Buy Fair Shares This is a great review of Fair Shares from Instagram user Kids Books We Love all the way in Sydney, Australia! Check it out below! View this post on Instagram “Fair Shares” How fair is FAIR – Your about to find out … “Hare and Bear can’t reach the pears! The tree is just too tall. So Hare finds some chairs to help. Hare has two…


Twit Twoo! Take a look inside Under the Great Plum Tree!

Welcome to our weekly video series Twit Twoo!  Buy Under the Great Plum Tree In this episode we’re celebrating the recent publication of Under the Great Plum Tree by giving you a sneak peak inside the book! Under the Great Plum Tree is written by Sufiya Ahmed, with bright, fascinating illustrations from Reza Dalvand. This retelling of an Indian fable about a kind-hearted monkey and a silly old crocodile is the perfect bedtime story. Join…


Five stars for The Little Black Fish from senior lecturer Mathew Tobin!

The Little Black Fish is brimming with hope! Buy The Little Black Fish  We love senior lecturer, Mathew Tobin’s five star Amazon review of The Little Black Fish! It’s always wonderful to read reviews on different platforms! Last year we celebrated 50 years of this classic children’s story, and even now it still carries important messages about life and bravery that everyone can learn from. Read his review below!   First published in 1968 and read…


A dashingly illustrated original fable – Shelf Awareness

Patchwork-style watercolor patterns grace A Bottle of Happiness – Shelf Awareness Buy A Bottle of Happiness  We love this fantastic review of A Bottle of Happiness from Shelf Awareness! Read it below!   “Two Americas” may be a modern coinage, but the idea of chasm-like social stratification has undergirded fairy tales and folklore for centuries. It’s also present in A Bottle of Happiness, Pippa Goodhart’s big-hearted homespun fable, which is set on a mountain: on one side…

The Little Black Fish

Immortal courage of The Little Black Fish

Celebrating 50 years of this classic children’s story with a reflection on the messages it shares Buy The Little Black Fish There are so many stories of adventure. Children’s books paint the image of a world ready to be explored, and Samad Behrangi’s The Little Black Fish is no exception. It tells the story of a brave little fish who is full of big questions, and is determined to find his answers and follow his…