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Picture books: a way for children to better understand stressful situations

How picture books can help to discuss difficult topics. By Samantha Brown* When one of my friends, Katie, was five years old, her dad suddenly died. Not really sure how to explain it to her young daughter, Katie’s mom turned to a picture book. This book introduced Katie to the topic of death and helped her find a way to cope with her sudden loss. Her mom shared the book with other parents of kids…


Alive Again: a profound poem of loss and hope

Alive Again is now out in paperback! First published in hardcover in 2015, Ahmadreza Ahmadi’s simple yet profound poem of loss and hope is a wonderful way to discuss concerns of life, death and rebirth with young children. There’s a universal appeal in the themes of Alive Again. Everyone has to learn to trust that the blossom will come back after it dies, that dry seasons will give way to wet. This can lead to broader…


Alive Again

Alive Again UK only £11.99 £8.99 (hardback)   £7.99 (paperback) PRODUCT INFO Alive Again is a child’s profound exploration of hope and the cyclical nature of life. When the blossom falls from the trees, a little boy wonders, will it come back? And when the rain stops, is it gone forever? How do we find that grain of hope that good things might return? The little boy’s questions are answered as spring, once again, brings blossom to the…